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Health Guarantee

To honor this guarantee, your puppy must be examined by a licensed Veterinarian (hereafter referred to as “vet”) no later than 3 business days from the date of delivery.  All of our puppies have been vet checked by our vet.  Having them checked by your vet gives you the assurance that your vet and our vet are in agreement that you have adopted a healthy puppy.  Your puppy is given a 3 day health warranty and a 1 year genetic health guarantee.  Seller is under no obligation to honor warranty/guarantee if this puppy has not been seen by a licensed veterinarian within said time of 3 business days from date of delivery.  To honor this contract, buyer must provide seller with a copy of the first vet visit.  Failure to provide vet visit copy voids this health guarantee.

PURCHASER, whether vet charges or any other expenses.  This health guarantee is NON-

If your puppy is found by a licensed vet to have a life threatening congenital health defect, you must provide me with a written assessment from a licensed vet stating in what respect the dog is unhealthy along with the address and phone number of the vet’s office that provided the assessment.  If any life threatening congenital disorder has been 
determined, the seller holds the right to have a veterinarian of seller’s choice, provide a second opinion of assessment.  If the puppy has died, the seller has the right to request an autopsy to be done at buyer’s expense, to determine the cause of death.

If a congenital health issue is determined, the dog will be replaced at the earliest availability with a dog of equal value.  If a puppy of a higher value is chosen by buyer, the buyer must pay the difference in price.  We do not offer refunds on money paid under any circumstances.  We breed for the love of a great pet/companion and do not guarantee as to the disposition, confirmation, size, color, or breeding/show capability of any puppy.  This health guarantee 
DOES NOT include hypoglycemia, ear infections, dewclaws, worms (including coccidia or parasites of any kind), kennel cough, or any other easily treatable health issues common in puppies. It also does not cover Parvo.  Routine treatment for parasites is given to all of our puppies prior to being placed in their new homes, but just as children who are well taken care of still get colds and infections, your new puppy is susceptible to common ailments which cannot be prevented.  Hypoglycemia is a serious matter for young small puppies.  For hypoglycemia please be sure to provide your puppy with frequent meals and water throughout the day.  Make sure he/she is consuming appropriate 
amounts of each at every meal.  Dehydration can also happen quickly.  Please don’t over exert your new puppy.  Allow them plenty of rest.  For tiny puppies, please supplement with Nutri-Cal twice per day along with regular meals.

Ear Cropping:  There will be no health guarantee of any kind due to complications and or death of puppy as a result of ear cropping.  Ear cropping is an elective procedure (cosmetic) and is done at your own risk.

Spay/Neuter:  Although we encourage spaying and neutering your pet, we cannot cover any complications due to this procedure in this health guarantee.  Once again, this is an elective procedure that is done at your own risk.

Your new puppy is eating Royal Canin Puppy Food.  For strong bones and immune system as your puppy is growing, please keep him/her on a high quality puppy food as well as NuVet supplements.  If your puppy doesn't eat, vomits, has diarrhea, or appears to be weak, notify your vet IMMEDIATELY.  Please don’t wait.   Puppies can dehydrate and get hypoglycemic very quickly.  These can cause death if not treated very quickly.  Your 
puppy’s life may depend on your quick response. Also, changing environments can be stressful for a new puppy.  If he or she is not eating well, tips are located in the hand out given.

We feel so strongly about keeping your puppy on NuVet supplements (vitamins), that we also offer an “additional” 2 years genetic health guarantee, for a total of 3 years if you KEEP your puppy on the product.  NuVet will notify us each time you place an order.  To order this product and to ensure that your health guarantee is extended, you must use order code 99355 with each order.  To order this product, please go to  OR you can call 1-800-474-7044 ext 238.  We highly recommend this product as processed dog food may be lacking the nutritional values that are vital to your puppy’s growing needs, maturing immune system as well as maintaining your dog’s overall health for years to come.  To honor this offer, please place your order within 15 days of taking ownership of your new puppy/dog. ADDITIONAL 2 YEAR WARRANTY WILL NOT BE HONORED AND IS NULL AND VOID IF NUVET VITAMINS ARE NOT ORDERED WITHIN 15 DAYS OF DELIVERY OF YOUR PUPPY AND/OR YOUR PUPPY IS NOT KEPT ON THE VITAMINS FOR THE ENTIRE 3 YEARS.

A detailed account of your puppy’s care has been provided.  PLEASE TAKE THIS WITH YOU TO YOUR FIRST VET VISIT TO ENSURE YOUR VET DOES NOT DUPLICATE ANY 
VACCINES ALREADY GIVEN!!!  Please also read over the additional care information provided and don't hesitate to call or e-mail if you have any questions about caring for your puppy.  We are here for you for the  lifetime you own your puppy.  Please be prepared to follow your vet’s advice on schedules vaccines, wormings, heart 
worm preventative and flea preventative.  DO NOT vaccinate your new puppy outside of the schedule provided by breeder.  Over vaccinating can cause death!  This health guarantee is VOID if puppy is given rabies vaccine prior to 16 weeks of age.  Vaccines should be no less than 2 weeks apart and no more than 4 weeks apart for a series of 3 booster shots as a puppy.  Not completing your puppy’s vaccines is cause for health guarantee to be NULL & 
VOID.  Puppies should have no less than 3 booster shots (2-4 weeks apart) as well as 1 rabies vaccine & a kennel cough (bordetella) vaccine.

All legal disputes are to be settled in county & state of breeder’s residency.

All money paid in on a puppy is non refundable if buyer 
backs out on purchasing the puppy at anytime.

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