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All About Whites

There are lots of breeders out there to breed the whites to try and make a fast buck on 
an all white schnauzer, they are not concerned with conformation at all and most do not 
represent the  breed.  Here at Haughton Farm we are striving everyday to better the 
White Miniature Schnauzer.  We have a passion for the whites and we can not wait till 
that one day that AKC will allow the whites to show in the conformation show ring, it 
could be many years before that happens if ever, but if it does happen I want to be there.

History of First White Schnauzer
The first White Miniature Schnauzer was born in October 1914 in Germany, the sire of 
this white female was a black Champion Miniature Schnauzer Peter V Westerberg and 
the dam was Gretel VD Werneburg and her color is unknown.  The AMSC (American 
Miniature Schnauzer Club) and AKC (American Kennel Club) do not allow the White 
Miniature Schnauzer to show in the conformation ring in the United States.  Most 
other countries allow whites to show in the conformation ring and are some of the top 
Miniature Schnauzers in the World.  International dog shows judge on a different 
standard then the AMSC standard, the standard in which they judge on is FCI 
standard, and Salt/Pepper,  Black, Black/Silver, and Whites are all judged on the same 

More about white miniature schnauzers will be added.

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