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Our Girl's



Allie is a very energetic young female.  She is one of our sweet babies that we kept back.  Will add a picture soon.



Chloe is a daddy's girl and is always by my husband's side.  We are are excited about her upcoming litter.



Mollly  is very laid back and sweet girl, she is the first to great strangers.  She is an exceptional mother to her first litter.



Ebony is such a sweet girl, she came to us from Romania.  She is very outgoing and has so much personality.


"Greta Garbo Larigosh"

Greta is our newest baby to join our family.  She is very sweet and loves to stay by my side.


"Haughton's Bellerina"

Belle is a very sweet loving girl that is from our male Dreamy.  She loves my kids and can normally be found with my daughter holding onto her like a teddy bear.  

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